Les Tonnelles

Farm to Table


Next to the restaurant, there is a circular shaped field that represents a plate of food.

farm to table

A farm that connects people
and nature to the future

A circular field near Les Tonnelles named “L'ASSIETTE” is a French meaning "a plate of food".
Blessed with favorable conditions and support from the local community, we have regenerated the abandoned land into a wealthy farm.
Even if the form changes with time, we hope that the wealth of this village will continue to go round and round.
It is a farm full of praying and determination.


The essence of the four seasons
on one plate


Les Tonnelles is beautifully shined with pieces of nature grown at the farm “L'ASSIETTE”.
Around a 90m diameter zone, there are vegetable fields, ponds, lotus root fields, orchards, flower fields and lawns.
If you walk along the road around the ring, you can hear the richness of the seasons.
Many vegetables that colour our menu grow here.
Fresh and flavorful vegetables are combined with high-quality ingredients from the Hokuriku area to create unique dishes.