Les Tonnelles



Enjoy your meal in an artistic space
desinged by the world famous
archictect Shigeru Ban.


A dome-shaped
greenhouse made from paper tubes reveals by opening the door

Paper tubes, a key feature of Shigeru Ban's architecture, are also used here as a principal structure.
When you open the door, a soft arch designed by connecting big tubes of paper stretches out in front of you.
Mr. Ban's willingness to search for structural beauty is clear.


The dining room, which attracts into the grape branches, is a space with a sense of unity with the grape lattice which extends to the outside of the window.
You can spend a relaxing moment in the gentle atmosphere created by the paper and the beauty which harmonizes with the landscape.


Mr. Ban also designed the chairs, tables, and the wagon planters for indoor herbs.
With unique aesthetics and attention to detail, he tries to create a beautiful space where the whole building is united.

Shigeru Ban
Architect Shigeru Ban

Born in Tokyo in 1957. Graduated from the Cooper Union School of Architecture in 1984 (New York).
Worked with Arata Isozaki Atelier in 1982-1983. Established Shigeru Ban Architects in 1985.
In 1995, he established the NPO Voluntary Architects' Network (VAN).
In 2014, he was awarded the French Order of Arts and Letters, the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2017.